Ms. Diana Silva (email: is an obsessively-driven and outstanding creative Empowering Latinas Ambassador with proven leadership and a strong conceptual thinker. She is has graduated with a B.S. Chemistry with a Concentration in Biochemistry at the University of Houston-Downtown. She is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Biotechnology after graduation since late 2017. She is also a growing visual artist. She has developed a reputation for delivering smart and clean visual solutions in academia and professional organizations. She was a recipient/participant of Sol Education Abroad program in Spain during Summer of 2015. Her dream is to become a neuroscientist and perform research in the cognitive and behavioral area.

She considers herself a very passionate person for life and beauty of nature in enigmatic ways in which nature unfolds to make life possible. The reason she chose to pursue a career in STEM is because of her curiosity, love, and interest for learning about the laws and principles that govern the universe and nature. She saw this as an opportunity to challenge herself and to make a difference in the ways our society perceives science. She continuously made herself available to be a volunteer to help kids, homeless people, starving artists and students through Houston Food Bank, Discovery Green Festival, Children’s Festival, STEM, Bayou City Art Festivals, and many more.

She was originally from Mexico and is now a proud American. She arrived at the age of fourteen in which she had to face many difficulties: learning the language, adapting to completely different cultures, and confronting prejudices about her ethnicity. Moreover, that really impacted her to become more motivated in life, because she had to become better every day by setting high-standard goals, by realizing her truth worth, and developing skills that would help her in the future with her contribution for United States of America. At this point of her life, she has grown in various ways and expanded her mind to explore what really matters; she has opened her eyes to see beyond her exterior.

In her college experience, she had met amazing people who had extended her an opportunity to grow, to see other parts of the world, and to appreciate the work that can be done together, as a team, with diverse ideas and backgrounds. Today she wants to do the same, especially for young Latinas who struggle every day to overcome what statistics say about our community. She wants to show them the real power of their minds and how one can really achieve to shape the future.